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Agriculture Innovation

TFSH provides end to end Consulting Solutions and Services as well as partnership basis for agriculture projects. We offer consultancy for piloting, innovative agriculture projects for companies which want to have Greenhouse in Middle East.

Industrial Automation

TFSH is a leader in Industrial Automation markets in Middle East. Our team completed many different projects in middle east as innovative solutions for a full range of applications in the GreenHouse projects, Electroplating Industries, Production Industries.TFSH Company With software products used in over Hundreds projects and factories is in a unique position to deliver solutions that can make life easier and more efficient for people. As a total solutions provider, TFSH’s dedication is to exceed customer expectations that result in the widest range of high-performance Softwares and solutions in the industry. Companies trust TFSH Co provide reliable solutions that drive real benefits to their bottom line. And it doesn’t end there. So whatever industry you’re in, you can rely on TFSH to help you make

Import & Export

TFSH is a trading company engaged in import and export business between Europe and Oman. Since the founding of the company, we’ve been closely following the principles of ‘Being Honest, Passionate, Highly Efficient and Innovative’ to provide the top level service and exquisite products for customers across Oman and all the middle east countries. Along years of development, TFSH has now been widely and highly recognized by customers and the industry. We firmly believe that Credibility and Perfect Product is most essential to the sustainable development of the company. With Customer Satisfaction as our utmost target, we’ll keep up our effort to develop win-win business for a better future with customers of today and tomorrow.

Automation Industries

Our team successfully completed many projects with Unique Idea in different industries
Scada Programming
Specialist Programmer to make any idea

We can boldly declare that we are able to build all the simple and complex processes in various fields of industry and the years of experience of our experts and our successes are proof of this.

Team Working

We have used different specialties in our team

We are ready to face new challenges

Constant communication with the most professional companies in the world, and having the support of many friends in those companies, is a strong support for us.

Industrial automation services

Provide the best suggestions for automation of production processes

A team consisting of mechanical, electronics and electrical engineers with more than a decade of experience in the process of automation of various production lines and machines are ready for any advice to you in the automation of industrial processes.

consulting services

We are ready to transfer our technology and experiences to you

Creativity, expertise, innovation, use of the latest modern methods in the world, experience, perseverance and hard work, diversity of expertise in the team, segregation of duties based on expertise and experience are the characteristics of AKAF Holding engineering team

Team Members

AKAF Holding engineering team ...


Ali Fekri

Mechanic Engineer

Javad Ebrahimpour

Software Engineer

AliReza Reihan

Plating Specialist

Ali Ahmadi

Automation Specialist

The cooperation of a team of elites in various specialties has made us fully satisfied with our esteemed employers in all previous projects, and this has made us even more proud of our team.


Aboulfath Fekri


Maryam Fekri

Software Engineer

GreenHouse ---- we can consult you to start a full automatic Greenhouse
Lets start

Do you also need advice to improve the production process of your collection?

Industrial Automation we can give you an special idea to improve your production performance

Customer trust is our capital

The trust of employers who have been using different products of AKAF system for many years and our introduction to their friends and colleagues has always made us on the path of product growth and promotion so that we can provide more useful services and higher efficiency to our customers.

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